Couple turn to

distracted driver advocacy after severe bike crash on Elks a year ago

Barbara Toth had no idea that the sirens she heard racing along Elks Drive 
March 20, 2020 were called for her husband. She would later find out Jim Toth was critically injured after being hit by a truck while riding his bike in their neighborhood.
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Pedestrian Deaths  Highest in 30 Years, Report Says

The Governors Highway  Safety  Association calculates that there were                   6590 pedestrian deaths in 2019,           a 5 percent increase rom 2018. 
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They Went Out for a     Bike Ride. They Never Came Home.

In 2020, Outside Magazine is     
    tracking every cyclist who was killed              by a driver. As the end of the year nears,      the death toll is at 675 - despite less        car traffic due to the pandemic. 

Report: 2020        Roadway Deaths are    Way Higher Than Normal

Car drivers are killing people — pedestrians, cyclists, their own passengers, themselves — at a much higher rate this year compared to last, even though total travel is down dramatically because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new report shows.